San Diego Golf - Olympic Resort Hotel & Spa Olympic Resort Hotel & Spa
6111 El Camino Real
Carlsbad, CA 92009
(760) 438-8330

Golf Practice Facilities

  • 48 Mats-Only stalls
    • Large Bucket: $6
    • Medium Bucket: $4
    • Small Bucket: $2
    • Special Card: $20 for a $30 value
  • Twelve flagged target greens
  • Three lake targets
  • Chipping and pitching area
  • Four practice putting greens
Golf Instruction and Services

Golf instruction features a staff of five golf professionals, Don Emerick (PGA), Bob Mastin, Laura Day, Bill Picca and Russ Isler.

Don Emerick offers a Tiger's Tips Golf Classes For Kids program, which includes three levels of instruction. This program not only will teach your children the basic fundamentals of the golf swing, but also remind them of the other necessary aspects of the game: golf safety, etiquette, and rules of the game. Each level course lasts four-weeks. Upon the successful completion of the first two stages of instruction (beginner and intermediate), the student can participate in the last stage, Level III, which includes playing a golf hole on an executive golf course.

Class size is limited to 6 (six) students, and each level includes 4 (four) one-hour 15-minute session for $50 (includes range balls). Classes meet Tuesday-Friday (9am and 1pm) and on Sunday (4 available hours). For reservations call 760-721-8950.

Golf Professionals Laura Day and Bill Picca use Video Pro Golf to optimize teaching/learning techniques. Video Pro's advanced technology allows you to have your own personal tape (audio and video) with your golf lesson, so you can view it in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Video Pro uses two high-speed cameras, split-screen, audio/video to illustrate every detail of your golf swing, including close-up shots from key angles. The video/audio allows you to view in slow-motion, stop-action, and frame-by-frame of your own golf swing, against the golf swing of a professional golf player.

San Diego Golf San Diego Golf

  • One hour video golf analysis lesson: $70
  • One half-hour golf lesson (no video): $40
  • Series of 6 (six) one-hour video golf analysis lessons:$350.

Call Laura or Bill at 760-754-0371, 760-744-1221, or 760-438-8330 .

Other Resort Amenities

  • 77 sleeping rooms
  • Facilities for meetings, conferences and social functions
  • Fully equipped fitness center, spa and salon (babysitting available)
  • Restaurant, cocktail lounge
  • Five lighted tennis courts with certified instructors
  • Full service golf and pro shops
  • Swimming pool (instruction available)